Massage & Acupuncture

De-stress indulge and relax with a massage in the privacy of your Villa. We are happy to arrange for one of our local masseurs to come out to Seclude and pamper you and/or your partner. Current rates are $100 for a 1 hour massage. Pre-arranged appointments are of course necessary and are dependant on availability of the masseur.

There are several types of massage available. Please contact us if you would like to make a booking. We need to know your preferred;


Treatment includes tongue & pulse diagnosis, moxibustion, cupping & massage

1 hour $100

Traditional Chinese Cupping

Includes Delux Facial with Deep Tissue massage. Hand blended clay mask. Organic Rosehip oil.

1 hour $100

Hahanna Stone Massage

Hot stones placed on Chakra Points of the body while warm coconut oil is drizzled over the body and massaged with warmed Volcanic Stones. The technique allows the stones to release their healing energies deep into the muscles disolving any tensions and stress.

1 hour $100


Remedial, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue and relaxing massage available

1 hour $100

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Includes Delux Facial with Deep Tissue massage. Hand Blended Clay Mask. Organic Rosehip oil.

1 hour $100