Passing your time at Seclude Rainforest Retreat

Reconnect with your Partner

Holidays that partners share are sometimes full of so many distractions, that they have the effect of distancing, rather than bringing together their relationships. Going out during the day on organised group tours and spending evenings out at noisy venues where communication with your partner is only possible with Twitter or by texting can sometimes be a great way to enjoy yourself but let's face it. You could probably have enjoyed yourself just as well with your own company. When was the last time you didn't feel rushed to be at a certain place by a certain time for a certain duration? When was the last time you and your partner had the time to talk about things that mattered? To make plans? To reconnect? Seclude makes the perfect setting.


Star Gazing

On a clear evening, the night sky can be a spectacular backdrop to the millions of stars and planets above. For people living in the cities and suburbs, this can be long forgotten experience. Similarly, in the more humid times of the year, you will probably see hundreds of fireflies flashing in and around the vegetation just after dusk each night.

Bird & Wildlife Watching

Seclude has a rich biodiversity. There is an enormous variety of birds to experience for the birdwatcher (click here for our bird species list) and in fact just about every form of wildlife in the region can be found here. Wallabies, kangaroos, goannas, bandicoots and occasionally dingoes can be found wandering around the property.

Nature Trail

Spa Bath

Your Villa has a private outdoor spa which is one of the perfect places at Seclude to spend some time with your partner. The therapeutic jets of the spa will have you relaxed in no time (if you weren't already by the time you stepped in!).

The Pool Area

Our pool area is another popular place to unwind. Have a dip, or perhaps just lie down and read a book or magazine from our coPoolmplimentary collection. There are sun lounges around the pool as well as outside seating and tables. A large gazebo is next to the pool and has additional tables and seating as well as a bar and refrigerator. We have a small but varied supply of drinks in the refrigerator which can be purchased if desired. A few metres from the gazebo you will find a quality hooded BBQ to create the perfect brunch or dinner.

Walking Track / Nature Trail

We have a self guided rainforest nature trail takes you into dense remnant rainforest. The trail has a network of numbered markers which are listed in our nature trail guide. You will notice the temperature drop as you first enter the rainforest. Beams of sunlight pierce the rainforest canopy as you find the vegetation changes immediately upon entering. Large buttress rooted trees with vines wrapped around their trunks weave their way to the top of theMassage canopy. Take in the sounds of the bird life within the rainforest. Listen to the sounds of nature around you. At the end of the trail you will arrive at a seasonal creek and waterfall. For most of the year though it will be dry. There are a few large boulders at the bottom which make ideal seats.

Sun Bird

Spa at Acacia Lodge


De-stress indulge and relax with a massage in the privacy of your Villa. Pre-arranged appointments are required and price is dependent on the type of massage required. The details can be found here.

Watch a Movie

Your Villa has a large Media Library containing a wide range of movies and genres. From G rated to X rated and genres such as Comedies, Musicals, Thrillers, Romance, Action etc., there is bound to be something worth watching. Your Media Library also has a large collection of songs to choose from and a selection of Music Videos. As well as the Media Library, your Villa has a "Vast Satellite TV" service able to receive all free to air TV channels in HD as well as being able to receive news services from all channels throughout Australia including regional services.